About us

  At the Princess Máxima Center, we are team players

  A lot of attention is paid to your development

  Direct communication, addressing each other and helping each other

  Groundbreaking and passionate work

  Working together to build a new center

  Innovative and unique children’s cancer center in Europe

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Our mission

One in four children with cancer still dies from the disease. That must and can be better. That’s why the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology was established. We are a brand new center in Utrecht, fully specialized in children with cancer. All the top specialist care and research is brought together in our center. With only one mission: to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life.

Since 2014, as Princess Máxima Center, we have been caring for children with certain types of cancer. We are still doing that in our own departments at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ) in Utrecht. In the spring of 2018, our brand new center opposite the WKZ will be opening. We will then be treating all children with cancer in our center. Together, we are building a new center, an organization that seeks to do the very best for every child with cancer in every way possible.

We are growing fast and as a result, we are looking for new colleagues!